Arranging research data using a paragraph format

While working on a research paper, it is very important for you to set a goal of working through the entire outline of the section under construction, topic by topic. Each topic would now contain a set of rough paragraphs. You need to pick a topic and consolidate its paragraphs.

Using a paragraph format is considered to be the best means of arranging the collected research data. Firstly, you need to decide which paragraph most directly addresses the main issue and put this paragraph under the topic’s title. Secondly, among your goals are directness and brevity, therefore if any of the remaining paragraphs deal with issues peripheral to the main point of the paper, toss them out. Thirdly, try to merge the remaining paragraphs into the first paragraph. If that is too awkward, try to consolidate all the sentences into no more than two paragraphs, even if, at this stage, those paragraphs are long, cumbersome, or difficult to read.

In order to clean and tighten the large, rough paragraphs, you must build them afresh. Take each paragraph and list its sentences in order. If the sentence is complex, break it into two or three consecutive simple sentences. Make each sentence spare and declarative, and make them transitive statements. Use few and well-chosen adjectives and try to avoid adverbs. Look critically at your research paper and remove extraneous sentences. Check each sentence against the point of the paragraph. Chalk out any sentence that is tangential, has the same basic content as other sentences and contains only non-scientific colour or details of human interest. Reassembling the paragraphs in your paper is also very important. Once you are done with this, your draft will be a set of paragraphs organized in the form of the section’s stereotyped skeleton. Smooth the transitions between sentences, fill in missing links between ideas and remove any repetitive words and phrases.  A well-organized research paper is surely going to gather maximum readers and in a way hone your academic career.

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