Elements of an ideal UK Dissertation Project

If you are pursuing your doctoral degree from a UK-based university, then it is very important for you to know the basic elements of an ideal UK Dissertation project. UK dissertation is a research document that is needed for attaining a doctoral degree. It should be framed keeping in mind a number of issues such as structure, grammar, format etc.

Being a UK-based doctoral degree holder, I would like to share some of the most important components of a UK dissertation through this post. Like every other dissertation/thesis, even a UK dissertation comprises of a set of components such as Title page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Body and Annotated Bibliography. To start off, I would like to mention about the Title page. This is the very first page of the UK dissertation and contains the research topic, the student’s name and the date of submission of dissertation. Second component is the Abstract which is a small summary of the whole dissertation and comes immediately after the title page. This summary is basically aimed for the outside readers who would evaluate whether the research topic is of their interest or not. Thirdly, there is the Table of Contents. This is a section which contains a list of all the chapters that are included within the dissertation.

The ‘Body’ section of a UK dissertation contains six chapters viz. Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology chapter, Findings, Discussion and Analysis chapter and Conclusion chapter. I would take up the detailed description of the ‘Body’ section in my next post. Finally, there is a last component called ‘Annotated Bibliography’ which includes all the reference citations and all the sources that have been used while performing the research task. Along with the bibliography, a small description of the respective source site is also mentioned.

Creating a UK dissertation is a very lengthy and tiresome process. So, it is recommended that you begin working on it in the very beginning of your doctoral degree course’s first semester because by the time you reach your final semester you would be left with very little time for the effective completion of your research paper. So, good luck with your UK doctoral dissertation!!